Next To None

NEXT TO NONE is a Progressive Metal band based out of
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, featuring Max Portnoy on drums,
Derrick Schneider on guitar, Kris Rank on bass, and Thomas
Cuce on keyboards and lead vocals.

The band was formed in 2013 and spent several years
performing live and writing music. In 2015, Next To None
released their first album "A Light In The Dark" through Inside
Out Music. The album was produced by Mike Portnoy and
received rave reviews worldwide for their song writing,
technical playing and explosive live performances, which
credited them as one of the youngest bands to break into the
progressive metal genre, also landing Max Portnoy, Rhythm
Magazines "BEST NEW DRUMMER OF 2015" award.

Next To None is now back in the studio writing and recording
their second album. They are combining the technicality of odd
time signatures with brutal guitars, pounding driving drums,
melodic melodies, hardcore vocals and so much more. They
have pushed the boundaries of their song writing and
creativity to an entirely new level, one which will propel you into
the nearest mosh pit, or have you mesmerized by eerie sounds
of piano and strings.

Latest Release

Next To None
A Light in the Dark
Special Edition CD Digipak, Digital album


Max Portnoy
Ryland Holland
Kris Rank
Thomas Cuce
(Vocals & Keyboard)